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Grace Academy offers courses in different performing arts: Choir, Music, Band (band, strings, guitar) and Dance. Performing Arts classes provide a general musical education through the learning and practice of solfege singing, active and analytical listening, exposure to a wide variety of musical styles and artists, and the creative act. All students participate in Music class where they learn to read music and work on keyboards to gain music knowledge.


Studio Art

Students work in a variety of mediums, from pencil drawings to printmaking, painting to pen and ink. Art projects are multifaceted including time for in-class work, written and oral self-evaluation, group conversations about class work, as well as traditional art education including vocabulary and history. Students are given the tools to develop their own artistic voice as well as an appreciation of the artists who came before them.


Bi-annual Showcases

The talents of our students are showcased in December and June. Visitors are welcome to see students exhibit their talents in: musical performance, choir, theater, spoken word, poetry, and public speaking with studio art on display in temporary galleries.




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