Our Core Values




We give priority to the uniqueness and inherent worth of each individual. Right relationships are prized as the basis for emotional and spiritual growth. Therefore we teach and model:

             - Courtesy as a value

             - Non-violence

             - Gaining skills in conflict resolution


The treatment of every family member, student, visitor, staff member, board and committee member, and supporter with the same degree of consideration.


Leadership Through Academic Excellence


We create an educational environment, where intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, continual improvement, a sense of responsibility, and reflective practice are the foundation for Grace Academy’s academic orientation.


Therefore we teach and model:

            - Teaching & learning as the central activities, receiving the highest priority

            - Providing a variety of learning experiences

            - Appreciating and nurturing creativity

            - Emphasizing on-going professional development

            - Fostering responsibility as a life lesson


Courageous Compassion

We promote an inclusive worldview where transformation and healing are integral to the life of Grace Academy.

Therefore we teach and model:

           - Mistakes are opportunities for growth.

           - The material and emotional needs of children and families are addressed as much as possible

           - Justice education is an integral part of the curriculum



We strive to create a welcoming environment as the hallmark of Grace Academy, where people of all cultures and beliefs will find a home.

Therefore we teach and model a cultural sensitivity and growing knowledge of the multitude of African-American, Latina, Asian, and Carribean heritages and acknowledge that each new person and experience is a chance for growth.



We recognize the promise of each new day and celebrate life’s goodness and beauty.


Therefore we teach and model:

            -  That the learning environment is a place of joy

            - That each other’s growth is cause for celebration



We witness to the living faith of our partners: Central Baptist Church, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Sister of Mercy, Sisters of St. Joseph, Daughters of the Holy Spirit and believe that God gives the gift of God-self to each of us and we are only to look at ourselves and others to see God’s grace in action.

Therefore we teach and model:

An awareness of God’s presence in the ordinary

Our desire to work with all people and organizations that share a similar mission and values, especially the Nativity-Miguel Coalition