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5th and 6th grade students are enrolled in Media classes that help them understand their role as “Digital Citizens” in an online community. Classes cover: proper hardware and internet use; understanding and utilizing online databases to research interdisciplinary projects; mastery of all forms of Microsoft Office, including Word, Power Point and Excel; exposure to a variety of literature and nonfiction texts, and select appropriate independent reading books .


Exposure to world languages provides students with a unique opportunity to broaden their horizons and deepen their understanding of their community and the world around them. Our curriculum is multidisciplinary, interlacing the study of foreign language with Social Studies, Art, literature, and current events. Students will develop and enhance their comprehension through:


  • Communication and expression

  • Cultural awareness

  • Connections to other disciplines

  • Comparisons to other languages

  • Communities, participating in multilingual environments


7th & 8th grade students can elect to take Spanish or French. The curriculum is designed to introduce students to the Spanish or French languages and culture and to help prepare them for World Languages in high school. The general goals are to acquaint students with everyday Spanish/French and to provide opportunities for language practice and cultural awareness.


Students use a variety of resources including: textbooks, worksheets, activities, projects, crafts, and cultural videos in order to create an informative and challenging curriculum for all students.




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