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In the spring of 2009, a group of concerned persons interested in opening a school for girls to complement Covenant Preparatory School for boys initiated a feasibility study that was approved by the NativityMiguel Network.  During this same time period, leaders of four congregations of women religious were exploring among themselves the idea of a NativityMiguel school for girls. Members of South Congregational Church-Hartford had also been investigating opportunities to house a school in their spacious facilities. Committed lay individuals inspired by the need for a middle school serving students of material need from Hartford reached out to members of South Congregational Church and the four congregations of women religious for their support…and the formation of our school began.


The feasibility study for an all-girls school included: a review of Hartford’s demographic data; consultation with community groups, business leaders and parents; and the formation of a Steering Committee. Parents and community leaders pointed to a critical need for intervention at the middle school level.


By the spring of 2010, the leadership of the four congregations of women religious and South Congregational Church-Hartford combined their resources to recognize the work of the lay leaders and endorse Grace Academy.  The combination of the need with commitments of financial support, provided the three entities with a belief that Grace Academy would serve as a beacon of hope to families in Hartford. Belief is the foundation of the four congregations of women religious and South Congregational Church – belief in the girls of Hartford, belief in the power of education, and belief in a future full of possibilities.  The Grace Academy Steering Committee, the four congregations of women religious, and the members of South Congregational Church were the first to believe and invest in the concept of a challenging, nurturing, faith-based middle school for girls in Hartford.


Grace Academy offers a holistic educational program: small classes, extended-day, -week and -year, summer school, graduate support, intensive academics, commitment from the parents, and collaborative partnerships with community organizations.


The founders of Grace Academy believe that the school offers a unique and effective way to express its ongoing commitment of service to the unseen and underserved through the apostolate of the education of young people.

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