Since its founding in 2010, many people have shared their personal gifts and talents with the students at our school.  Their generosity of time, energy, patient understanding, compassion and positive role modeling has enabled us to bring a vision to life.


Grace Academy acknowledges and thanks the following individuals
and organizations for volunteering their time and energy:


Allegra Anderson, Photography Club
Theresa Anzaldua, Admin/Legal
Beth Ballentine, Theater Club
Kathy Binder, Graduate Support/Benefit Committee
Dorien Boonvanostade, Culinary Club
Paul Cashman, Admin Support
Bryan Cote, Coach, Assistant Athletic Director
Janine Cote, Teacher
East Catholic students, Music, Tutors, Retreat
Sharice Dorsey, Knitting Club
Sr. Kathleen Dorney, CND, Tutor
Zakiya Edens, Public Speaking Club
Garrett Espeso, Investment Club
Emily Estes, Investment Club/Grad. Support
Erica Evans, Investment Club
Linda Fitzgerald, Graduate Support
Sarah Fitzsimons, Instructional Coach
Sr. Mary Friel, SNDdeN, Tutor
Ashley Gengras, Graduate Support
Susan Bowen Harris, Public Speaking Club
Marcia Herrara, Tutor
HIMCO Employee – Service
Natalie Hubert, Teacher, Tutor, Instructional Coach
Vicki Huffman, Puppetry Clubs
Craig Hutchinson, Professional Chef-Culinary Club
Sonya Jelks, Robotics Club
Laurie Janecko, Clubs/East Catholic
Sonya Jelks, Robotics Club
Lori Kase, Writing Clubs
Andre Keitt, Storytelling Club
Sr. Janice Kidney, RSM, Cursive Writing Club
Kathy Kraczkowsky, Graduate Support
Bonnie Li, Robotics and Culinary Clubs
Matthew Lin, Photography Club
Adlyn Lowenthal, Graduate Support
Christy Lybass, Math Tutor & Library
Beth Malley, Development, Zentangle
Mary McGowan, Counselor
Marty McDonough, Investment Club
Jim Mercik, Robotics Club
Katie Miller, Robotics & Culinary Club
Luke Morosanu, Investment Club
Marjorie Morrissey, Benefit Committee
Giyl Mustafa, Tutor/Graduate Support
Linda Noll, Graduate Support
Carolyn Norris, Graduate Support
Rose O’Brien, Office
Kathleen Oyanadel, Cooking Club
Jane Palmer, Yoga & Knitting Club
Beth Papermaster, Grad Support/Benefit Committee
Kim Polley, Graduate Support
PwC employees, Service Day and Financial Literacy
Emily Rosen, Yoga Club
Judy Salm, Graduate Support
Sr. Annmarie Strileckis, CND, Advocate
Trinity College student for “Do It Day”
Rachel Wagaman, Garden Club
Gina Watson, Graduate Support
Darragh Young, Development
Dawn Zammitti, Graduate Support
Karen Zwick, eRate program