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“What I like about Grace Academy is that it’s an all-girls school so we can pretty much relate to each other’s experiences without being worried that boys are going to make fun of us. I also like music lessons because I LOVE music!” -Azoya


“I want to be a teacher or a nurse.” -Liddy


“At Grace Academy you can talk to the teachers because they’re all girls too, and they can empathize with us. The most important reason why I like Grace Academy is because were all a sisterhood!” -Alanna


“A goal of mine is to be the greatest friend I can be to anyone who needs a friend.” -Thalia


“At Grace Academy the teachers are there for you every step of the way.” -Genesis


“At Grace Academy, they make you feel welcome.” -Angelica


“The things that stand out about Grace Academy are: the Study Hall hour because we can finish our homework, the teachers trust us, and the school is smaller so it gives everybody a chance to make friends with all the other students.” -Thalia


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