Single-sex classrooms are just different. Picture this:    


  • The teacher poses a question and every student raises her hand

  • There aren’t as many social distractions, so girls can focus on what’s truly important- academics

  • All the leaders are girls because the girls have every opportunity to learn and test their leadership skills

  • Students build confidence through unique experiences tailored to their interests

  • The curriculum is planned with the girls’ age-related developmental capabilities in mind

  • Girls can learn math and the sciences without social stigma, and can grow in a culture of “can-do”


Can you imagine? A place where girls can think, question, engage, explore, grow, and succeed? 


In more than one way, dreams become reality in girls’ schools.


Research has shown that during the middle school years, many students find success more easily when they can learn in a single-sex environment. In Hartford the truancy, pregnancy and drop-out rates for girls jump drastically as they transition into middle school.  A Grace Academy education fortifies each girl with the character traits and tool kit she’ll need to persevere through high school, college and life.


Grace Academy is a member of the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools, and is accredited by CAIS, the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools (part of the NAIS). 


The following websites provide additional information about single-gender education for girls: