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Extended Day/Week/Year

Grace Academy is a learning community characterized by peace, compassion, honor and respect. Our teachers value and nurture their students as unique individuals.  And, while we honor individual achievement, we value most deeply those contributions that make the community stronger.


Extending beyond academics, we address the physical, social, emotional, moral and spiritual needs of the students; and develop the growth of the student in all areas.   After the academic day ends at 4:00 pm, Grace Academy requires its students to participate in extra-curricular activities for one hour on Mondays through Thursdays in the form of  Clubs and Sports.   Students also return on one Saturday per month for additional programming.

Study Hall

At 3:15 PM, the conclusion of the instructional portion of the day, students have a one hour quiet study hall for homework.  Students are coached to work on their most difficult homework assignments (leaving other assignments for the evening).  If a student needs clarification or extra help, teachers and volunteer tutors are available to help students work through their challenges. 

Saturday Field Trips

Saturday field trips to museums, science centers, leadership training campsites, and other expeditionary learning sites enhance the overall educational experience.  Participation in co-curricula activities is thus a required part of the program.  


Two Saturdays per month, students and faculty venture forth on expeditionary learning field trips.  These trips can entail community service experiences (Hunger 101 with FoodShare, Do It Day with Trinity College Students, dress making for girls in Haiti), cultural and art exchanges (Wadsworth Atheneum, Mark Twain House, Pequot Museum), curriculum-based learning adventures (Renaissance Faire, Sturbridge Village, STEM workshops, CT Science Center), or community building (hiking Talcott Mountain, planting flowers and vegetables).

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