Students at Grace Academy are taught by a combination of resident Fellows, volunteers recruited through the Norte Dame AmeriCorps program, and certified Master Teachers and tutors.


Master Teachers typically have at least five years of teaching experiences and often hold a Master’s degree. They teach advanced courses in the main subject areas and play a critical role in student assessment. They also provide support to the resident Notre Dame AmeriCorps teachers. The ND AmeriCorps teachers typically are recent college graduates. They teach courses in their areas of core competency based on areas of emphasis in their undergraduate studies.


ND AmeriCorps and Master Teachers also receive guidance from teachers and administrators through alliances with other private schools such as University of St. Joseph, Capital Regional Educational Cooperative (CREC) and other schools. The Master Teachers, Fellows, administrators, and the principal provide guidance in developing daily lesson plans and in classroom management and presentation skills.


The boundless energy, enthusiasm and commitment exhibited by Notre Dame AmeriCorps teachers have made them invaluable to the success of other schools in the NativityMiguel model.


NativityMiguel principals often refer to these teachers as the lifeblood of their school.